Since 1965 I have a great interest in the artistic development of master painters and sculptures in Soviet Union. From1992 to 2000 I lived and worked in Moscow. During this stay I visited many well known artists. Among these the painters Konstantin Maksimov, the Pimenov family, the Stozharov family, Pyotr Ossovsky as well as some of the famous Russian sculptors. Only in 1997 I saw the works of Oleg Raikis for the first time. Surprisingly strong pieces of fine art sculpturing. I was amazed. When I started to know Oleg Raikis better as a person, he also surprised me with his honesty and reliability as a human been. Highly devoted to his work. Since May 2000 I opened my own Gallery in the art and antique center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, opposite the Rijksmuseum. The works of Oleg Raikis are part of the constant collection. With strong detailed fragments he touches the right atmosphere and expresses the rich powerful strength which a sculptor only can show when he strongly believes in his art. His work amazes art lovers.
Oleg also has a strong affinity with chess. He designed and created three sets especially for Cees Hogendorn Gallery on an exclusive base.
During the years I interested in Russian fine art I am always searching for the best. Besides pieces of antiques I never seen contemporary sculptures equal to the work of Oleg Raikis. I like to take this opportunity to estimate his work as a treasure from Russia to the international word of fine art.
Cees Hogendoorn


Oleg Raikis has been a member of CCI for a number of years. His impressive sculptures, carved from hard woods and mammoth ivory, were displayed in the international exhibition, 'Sculptor 1991'. Since then his work has been constantly on show, including exhibiting in Galleries in Germany, Britain and the States.

Oleg also has a strong affinity with chess, having been an ambitious tournament player as a youth. His love for the game is now an inspiration for his art. He has designed and created many sets. His chess sets combine the creative imaginative skill of a master craftsman with the understanding of the practical requirements needed for a set to be acceptable as an efficient tool for an ancient Royal game.

These artistic and functional chess sets, have been much admired within our international membership, where they take a proud place in collections in Russia, the USA. Canada, Germany, Italy, Finland Netherland, and England.
Gareth Williams, Executive Board Member, CCI, UK.